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Try before you buy… yes, even online!

Every business that deals in tangible products should be giving potential customers an up-close look of what they are buying. Today, more than ever, people are doing most of their shopping online and expect a digital experience that really shows them what they’re buying. 

This is where 3D configurators come into play. A product configurator is a bespoke tool designed specifically around your products that allow customers to engage, interact, customise and configure them, to help see what they would look like in real life. 

The great thing too about a well-designed 3D product configurator is that it can help simplify the ordering process for clients and improve conversion rates. It will also help you stay in front of your competitors and elevate your customer engagement in a cost-effective way. 

Over the last few months, we’ve built a number of web configurators for our clients that allow customisable 2D or 3D models of the product to be explored in-situ by customers.  Take a look at two of them here. 

JBKind Doors – Door Visualiser 

JBKind Doors is a leading supplier of internal and external doors. Their high-quality doors are at the forefront of contemporary design. With a heavy focus on customer experience, they wanted to develop a tool, available on both their own and key retailer websites, that will better help their clients choose the right door for their home. This is how the Door Visualiser came to life. 

Thanks to this innovative new tool, JBKind Door’s customers are now able to take their pick of more than 70 of their most popular solid and glazed door designs and position them in three room types, so that they can ‘design before you buy’ and get an accurate picture of how the doors would look in their homes. Talk about putting the customer at the heart of your business!

“When homeowners are looking to design their homes, specifically their interiors, a door can play a pivotal role in how the space is used and perceived. A tool that can enable customers to actually see how our doors will work in three of the home’s core rooms, will help them choose the door design that suits their specific style and interiors preference.

Our new Door Visualiser has been created to be fun and engaging, with the option to change wall colours and floor types. You can also save all the different rooms that you have designed so that you can review them later before making a final decision. We believe that the ability to ‘design before you buy’ will give customers extra confidence when choosing their new interior doors.

The introduction of our innovative internal Door Visualiser is a UK first. We believe this new tool will soon become an essential and integral part of any internal door buying process, offering homeowners ideas, insights and confidence, prior to their purchases.”

James Cadman, Managing Director

The Luxury Bath Company – Furniture Configurator

The Luxury Bath Company offers an exclusive collection of high-quality bathroom fittings and accessories, designed and crafted to give any bathroom space a luxurious and indulgent look and feel. After introducing a new range of bathroom furniture, as an online business they wanted to make it easier for clients to find the perfect combination of furniture and finishes. 

This is where we introduced the furniture configurator as a solution. Thanks to the bespoke solution, anybody who wishes to explore the Luxury Bath Company furniture range can now do so in a lot more depth. You can combine different pieces of furniture, changing the colours and finishes in order to create a render of the perfect bathroom space for you.

With this relatively new technology, companies now have the ability to offer their customers literally dozens of different customisations. 

Whether the company offers a single product or multiple – a configurator always comes in handy as it adds the element of scalability that simple applications and websites do not have. 

That being said, designing a configurator, especially a highly customised one, could be a tricky task. Multiple skills are required in order to get it right, including design, retouching, web development and photorealistic rendering to name a few. At Matrix, we have designed a number of configurators for a variety of clients across multiple sectors. If you too have a physical product that you are selling online via an eCommerce website, chances are you too can benefit from this service. 

To see how we can help you scale up sales and offer a superior customer experience online, give us a call. 

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