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GA4 transition

On July 1st Google officially shut down it’s standard version of Universal Analytics (UA), which was the most widely used marketing analytics tool across the globe. Taking over is the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

One of the differences with GA4 is that it no longer relies on cookies to ID users, and with new privacy regulations within the European Union’s GPDR, meant cookies were no longer viable.

The big question is, did you know about the change over? Have you logged into your Google Analytics account recently and noticed the big red warning messages regarding the update of your tracking integration? If you haven’t, chances are Google has automatically updated the integration for you and you will now be running on the most basic setup of GA4. But if you did not have a standard property set up you may have lost the ability to track data from your website.

Our advice, log in and check. Even if it has updated automatically, it will be basic and you may want to set up some of the more advanced features. If your agency manages this for you, ask the question as to whether they have set this up for you.

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