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There’s no shortage of agencies who can manage your social media. From specialist social agencies to fully integrated enterprises offering everything as a full service. Here’s a few things to take into account when choosing who to represent you…

1 . Do they have experience with clients like you?

One size does not fit all when it comes to marketing, and this refers to who manages your social media as well. Just because one agency is doing an excellent job for one business, it doesn’t mean it will be the same for you too.

Your audience, tone of voice and your objectives all matter when you decide on an agency. Ask the agency if they have any experience in your industry or if they ever worked with a similar business type. Do they have experience with companies selling primarily to businesses or consumers? Do they understand your tone of voice? Do they understand and provide solutions to measure against your objectives? Are they focused on delivering high-quality engagement or just building your following?

Consider all of these before you hand over your social account to somebody else.

2 . Can they provide proof through case studies?

Review the case studies of the agencies you are considering to hire. Agencies managing social media will be able to direct you to campaigns or content they’re currently running, if they can’t provide you with this, then it’s a big red flag.

Failing that, take a look at the agency’s social media accounts, how are they performing?

3 . Is social media in-house or do they outsource the job?

Dig deeper to find out how the companies you’re considering operate. The best agencies have in-house teams the content, but many agencies now outsource work to third-party suppliers. In-house agencies have the benefits of being faster to market, operating at a higher quality.

Along with these benefits, it’s vital you can spend time with those who will be working on your account, not just the account manager. Social media lives and breathes your brand’s personality, so it’s vital that those working on your account understand that, not just the salesman.

4 . Where’s their blog?

When choosing your agency a vital component is to read some of the content on their blog. Any agency that’s worth considering will have a comprehensive blog consisting of material that’s both factually correct and up to date.

5 . How will you measure success?

Social media isn’t a channel that sits nicely in the background, just like any other marketing activity it needs to be constantly measured, evaluated and improved.

Please don’t believe what the bad social media people tell you, return on investment (ROI) CAN, and SHOULD be measured on social media.

A great agency will do precisely that. You need to be able to measure how much traffic you’re generating, where from, and how much of this converts to actual business.

There are many other things you need to consider, but this is a good starting point. However, having the above points in mind when you’re hiring a social media agency, will save you a headache further down the line!

One of the most dangerous things in business is the saying ‘we’ve always done it this way’. You see, conforming to what you’re used to or to what everybody else is doing isn’t the way to gain a competitive edge. It sure is a way to keep up with the competition but not a way to be ahead of it.

To stay ahead, you have to think outside the box and do things differently.

What most business would be doing in April is relaxing and not spending any money on marketing. Why? Well, most marketing departments would have spent the last of their budgets by the end of the financial year, so when April comes around, and the new budgets are allocated, there is a lull in activity. People take a step back and spend the next few weeks and months planning the year ahead meaning that for most of April and May, there won’t be much activity.

This is what most people would do, which is exactly why smart marketers choose to put their foot to the peddle exactly then! You see, planning campaigns and buying media when everybody else has gone quiet is not only a savvy move but also an incredibly efficient way to boost your marketing efforts. Because most people would naively choose to take a step back in April, media space would be much cheaper. Further, there is less noise coming from competitors, so your audience can focus on your message.

If you’re selling kitchen appliances, and you decide to increase your spend this month, instead of taking a step back as most of your competitors would, imagine what the marketplace would look like. Everywhere you go, people would see ads for your products and yours alone. There will be no competitor noise. You would be the only brand they’ll see. You will increase brand visibility while also getting a lot more exposure for every marketing pound you spend. The return on your investment would be tenfold!

It is the equivalent of going on a holiday while the kids are at school. Your vacation and flight will be much cheaper and the pool at your holiday destination won’t be as crowded!

Digital campaigns, for instance, are incredibly quick to produce and put out while also really good at delivering measurable results. So why not supercharge your efforts this April and create an amazing campaign. Matrix can help you with that!

Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to chat with you about how we can put a spring in your step!

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