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The Client

The Open University is a global leader in higher education via distance learning.

The Open University Business School offers an MBA which is a unique distance learning qualification that helps build business skills in the workplace.

The Brief

Create a short video (5-10min) that explains and illustrates the quality of the OU Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programme. Which answers the most common questions prospective students may have, and will provide them all the information they need prior to registration.

Whilst content was a key consideration, the demonstration of course quality was also critical in our client’s focus. This piece of work was intended to focus on delivering the right information at the right moment in the applicant journey thus helping the audience understand what is required from the outset along with the benefits to them and their career.

The Solution

Matrix worked closely with the client to understand what was key to the success of this piece of work.

The early stages of this collaboration with the client saw the brief develop and help us form a route forward that brought together key requirements and milestones. Key planning and technical skills were employed to deliver piece of animation that delivers on all fronts.

The Results

The final video is a true reflection of the dedication and quality that the course offers and delivers. It brings together the course leaders, contributors and alumni to deliver an inciteful and motivating window into the OU’s MBA course and world thereafter.

With so much to say, the video did extend over the target duration, but the video never delivers content that doesn’t inform and prepare the audience for their journey ahead.

To support the video, a number of 15 second social clips were also created – snapshots into the world of the OU MBA experience!

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