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The Client

Npower, one of the leading energy companies in the United Kingdom, as with all organisations, faced the challenge of managing a vast array of marketing activities while ensuring timely delivery, accuracy, and adherence to brand guidelines. With a need for swift and accurate asset creation across multiple platforms, Npower sought an agency they could rely on to meet these demands.

The Brief

Matrix took on the requirements of campaign planning, management, scheduling, dispatch, reporting, production, email marketing, and animation for a variety of campaign content. By entrusting these tasks to Matrix, Npower's own team was freed from the pressures of asset creation, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and core business objectives.

The Solution

Matrix provided Npower with a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring swift, accurate, and on-brief asset creation across all marketing channels. From out-of-home advertising to email campaigns, video production to print and digital advertising, Matrix executed each aspect of Npower's marketing mix with precision and expertise. Leveraging an integrated approach, Matrix delivered tailored solutions that met Npower's specific needs and exceeded their expectations.

The Results

As a result of Matrix's partnership, Npower's team experienced increased efficiency and reliability in their marketing efforts. With Matrix's specialist team overseeing campaign management and execution, Npower were able to keep consistency and accuracy across all channels and media platforms. The collaborative relationship between Npower and Matrix enabled the successful delivery of campaigns, ensuring assets were created swiftly, accurately, and in line with Npower's brand guidelines, ultimately driving success in the competitive energy market.

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