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The Client

Network Rail is the owner and infrastructure manager of the railway network in Great Britain. They work round-the-clock to provide a safe, reliable experience for the millions using Europe's fastest-growing railway each and every day.

The Brief

Each department within Network Rail has its own sub-brand. This includes a specific colour from the brand palette, an icon and banner. We were tasked with creating one such sub-brand for the Communication Team.

The Solution

Since we knew this is the type of job that comes up frequently for Network Rail, we took it upon ourselves to not only create the departmental sub-brand but also do so in a manner that is simple to replicate and scale. We produced a suit of assets including an icon, logo, a branded email signature, a letterhead and PowerPoint presentation as well as a guide PDF that outlined how and where which asset should be used.

The Results

The Branding team at Network Rail have a suite of brand assets to accompany the branding exercise that we showcased when creating the Communications Team sub-brand. As a result, each subsequent sub-brand created was completed swiftly and without friction.

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