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The Client

Finastra is a global financial technology company that provides software solutions and services to financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, and other financial organisations.

They offer a wide range of software solutions designed to help financial institutions manage their operations, enhance customer experiences, and improve their overall efficiency. Key areas in which they provide solutions that cover core banking, lending solutions, work with treasury and capital markets as well as payment, transaction and retail banking.

The Brief

Finastra were looking for a marketing activation partner to collaborate with their Brand Team in the creation of comprehensive sets of multi-channel assets to strengthen their brand identity and support their marketing effort. Their goal was to convey Finastra’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer-centric solutions while maintaining a consistent and impactful brand presence.

The Solution

Matrix worked at pace with multiple stakeholders globally from India, USA and The Philippines within the Finastra organisation, using the approved brand guidelines and digital asset management system, to design and build a large suite of live assets for immediate use and client-ready templates for future use, giving the client internal teams the autonomy to take these designs and files and adapt them directly in future.

The Results

The final suite of work included dynamic marketing collateral, engaging digital assets, impactful event branding, multimedia elements for videos, custom icons and illustrations, and versatile print materials. These assets, designed with adaptability and scalability in mind, bolstered Finastra’s presence across various media channels, reinforcing their commitment to innovation and excellence while empowering them to engage audiences effectively in the ever-evolving fintech landscape.

The client has been so happy with the standard and speed of the work, the reliability of the team and the production process that Matrix continue to work with Finastra on an ever-growing range of projects. A great example of how a client with a given need finds a partner with solutions that tick all the boxes on quality of final asset, pace of production and speed to market with a close attention to cost.

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