BioCare – Professional Supplement Specialists

BioCare is an established leader in the health supplement industry. With over 30 years of experience they are dedicated to harnessing the knowledge and innovative ideas of nutrition and healthcare professionals. Their products are potent while also boasting key nutrients in their most bioavailable form.

Every single element was designed with love and consideration. The message was on brand while also pushing the envelope to deliver not just a box but a WOW experience.

Our team provided an array of creative concepts for the client to choose from and once a route was picked, we were hard at work to deliver the whole suite of assets in the tight deadline.

The biggest challenge proved to be the box itself which had to be bespoke in order to accommodate for the products themselves. We worked with our trusted suppliers to create a box where the products fit perfectly to the millimetre, which was of high quality, sturdy while also cost effective to the client.

All final assets including the brochure, information postcard and retail order form were delivered in time for the client’s event.

The feedback we received from the BioCare marketing team after the event was overwhelmingly positive. The boxes were very well received by both the wider BioCare team as well as the intended audience - the health practitioners. The boxes themselves as well as the newly designed brochures reinforced the message that BioCare offers superior quality products and supplements.

The sleek packaging and modernised and evolved approach inspired a suite of further marketing pieces for future events. The collateral Matrix created helped further develop their point of sale displays as well strengthen the relationship between BioCare and the health practitioners. Matrix’s involvement in this and other recent BioCare projects has made a significant difference in driving the BioCare brand forward.