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The Client

Ascom Holding AG is a specialist telecommunications organisation that focus on wireless on-site communications with offices in 18 countries worldwide. As part of that organisation Ascom UK specialises in coordination solutions for long-term care, aged care and assisted living facilities including private and local authority & ICS (Integrated Community Services).

The Brief

Ascom UK felt that they needed to have a much more established social media presence that would allow them to publicise and promote more specific real-time capabilities, solutions and requirements, such as specialist recruitment campaigns, client testimonials, case studies and general up to date news feeds.

Matrix was approached by Ascom and asked to help create these assets across various social media platforms.

The Solution

Working to the Ascom group brand guidelines we created a set of social templates for the business to personalise and use.

The lack of any real social media presence gave us creative freedom to create the right marketing collateral that was going to help Ascom UK promote themselves as part of an established global provider of real time mobile workflow solutions.

The Results

The client now has a suite of social media templates that they can update, personalise and use at their own discretion to showcase and promote all of their current activities. 

This new suite of assets allows Ascom UK to project themselves as the comprehensive mobile solutions provider, that can help health services to meet the current challenges the long-term care market faces.

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