Trends in Marketing for 2018

2017 was a year of excitement, innovation and change whilst being plagued by scandal, disinformation and mistrust. There has been no doubt, drastic changes in the world of marketing even if much of this change has been under the radar.

But there is a range of trends that have been established throughout 2017 which can aid marketers in achieving success during 2018.

Influencer marketing

As trust in the media and leadership declines, consumers are turning to their peers. Influencer marketing is one of the hottest strategies at the moment and is subject to much debate especially with the recent trust issues many marketers have had with influencers. But undoubtedly influencer marketing should be an integral part of most companies marketing mix.


Marketing automation has allowed marketing departments to maximise their impact but artificial-intelligence expands on this capability for marketing automation, customer relationship management and many other aspects of the marketing mix.

Marketing across the customer journey

As marketing has grown and marketing stacks have expanded, it’s become more important than ever to journey map your customer’s journey. This gives you the ability to run intelligence-led campaigns cross your marketing funnel.


Personalisation in marketing may be something that can be a struggle to implement, but brands can drastically increase engagement with their audience by personalising their communications.

Social Messaging

It’s more important than ever for brands to target social messaging platforms as a way to interact effectively with their audience. According to Ofcom, a majority of the total mobile audience in the UK uses Facebook Messenger (61%) and WhatsApp (50%). The use of chatbots or having an effectively managed social messaging platform can ensure your brand is able to engage with ever more consumers.

Get Expert Help

It’s becoming more important than ever to ensure you support your marketing mix with a team of experts dedicated focussed on delivering your brand effectively.