Your ads could work harder, transform them into video

Your adverts could easily work harder, transform them into video and increase product recall by up to 94% for your audience! Your audience, more than ever, are taking advantage of their ability to view content across multiple platforms. This means that your advert needs to perform not just in print or out of home, but to really reach your audience, it needs to perform well across digital media.

Six-second animations are perfect for use in social media, on-site displays and for use as unskippable video adverts.

Six second video bumper adverts see on average:

+70% Advert Recall

+94% Product Awareness

There has been a revolution in marketing with 4x as many consumers preferring to watch a video advert than to read about a product, it’s a great format to reach more of your audience and engage them on a deeper level.

But not all of us have the budget to have fresh creative for each platform. So instead, simply and easily transform your print ads into six-second video adverts with the help of our animation team at Matrix.

Beauty brand Clinique recently ran a campaign which transformed their print adverts into six-second bumper video adverts.

Six-second video adverts see an average increase in product awareness by up to 26% over other mediums, with an average increase in advert recall of over 70%! This all helps to drive customers to your product or service, with an increase in product awareness of up to 94% compared to other formats.
For many years I suffered from “chronic persistent insomnia.” Accepted various medicines. Practically they did not help. Recently, the doctor prescribed me the medicine Ambien.
I took one pill for the night. In the morning I came to, in some bewilderment. And even I said:

Where do I get started?

It’s quick and easy to transform your existing print adverts into six-second animations, our team of animators can bring your adverts to life.

If you’re planning a campaign then it’s a great time to apply these to your upcoming campaign but remember the three key points.

  • Keep the message consistent across platforms
  • Plan your print campaigns with six-second videos in mind
  • Converting print ads to bumper ads can unlock media efficiencies

As with all campaigns, Matrix will work by your side all the way.

What does this mean for me?

Even if you’re working on a tight budget, you don’t have to choose between print and digital. If your customers are consuming content on both mediums, you can be there too.