No Bull – How Red Bull take advantage of Social Media

Red Bull is one of the largest and most recognised brands today. Are they active on social media? Of course, and their social media is executed with near perfection!

They are the masters of their brand, but their most significant successes with social media are due to their understanding of how their target audiences interact with social media.

In today’s social media landscape, everyone can be connected somehow – somewhere. Do you have wings?

How do you bring a new product to market with such a well-recognised brand?

The world of FMCG is challenging for brands to break into due to increasing product diversification and demands from retailers. So to be successful, brands need to provide a point of difference to stand out.

One of the most effective tactics when launching a new product to market is to leverage the power of Instagram to drive authentic engagement with your audience.

Consumers have been “given wings” by Red Bull for well over 28 years. In 2015 Forbes ranked Red Bull #76 on the Most Powerful Brand list which is not surprising since Red Bull had sold over 60 billion of its original product in over 170 countries since their humble beginnings back in 1987.

When Red Bull redesigned the branding on their cans this year, they launched a campaign with a heavy social focus to get consumers used to their new look cans.

The campaign began with teaser elements that included yellow filters across a variety of images and videos, to give off the summer day vibe. This content got the brand deeply integrated into the summer conversation and resulted in the brand being twice as likely to be associated with the trending #thissummer hashtag than any of its nearest competitors.

Along with this content, Red Bull post content that is likely to resonate with their audience across music, culture, sport and film.

Red Bull’s latest campaigns are building awareness of a different kind. Cherrie, the R ‘n’ B singer, is developing a reputation with her music and standing up as a legitimate spokesperson for her home town.