5 reasons your video isn’t working

You need to be creating videos. Effective video strategy is pivotal to growth in 2018. But maybe you’ve already created a video. You might have spent time and effort, but why isn’t your video working?

Here are five common reasons that your video might fail:

1. Story above anything else

What does ‘storytelling’ really mean? It’s used repeatedly by marketers at all levels, but most people struggle to understand the true meaning of storytelling.

The story is the key difference between your video and all others. Your story needs to be true to your organisation, product or service and needs to be interesting, with good pace and timing. A good story arc or successful non-linear narrative is the key to your video’s story being a success.

Regardless of the sector in which your business operates, storytelling is the key to conveying your brand message and communicating effectively with your customers and prospects.

The necessity and importance of your video’s story are no less important than that of a Hollywood blockbuster, or primetime television show, it is still the heart and soul of your production.

2. Cinematography and production value

You could have the best story in the world, but if it’s executed poorly, it’s still unlikely to have the impact or you’re unlikely to see the return you’re looking for.

Cinematography (how the camera is used,) along with the production value (the use of sets, props and lighting) is pivotal to your video’s success.

This can be done effectively at different budgets but has to be meticulously planned to ensure that the execution enhances the story and provides value.

If you have the budget and your story would support it, a viewer is going to engage much better with a well shot, lit and set production. Good production value and cinematography also have the added benefit of increasing the value of your brand along with consumer trust and confidence.

3. It’s too long (or short)

This depends on your story but there are some key timings to be aware of before you start production.

If your video is for use online or in internal/external communications it’s best to keep it under 2 minutes long. This is based on years of research in consumer attention.

Some videos should be much shorter, where some, with a well defined and engaging story that holds the viewer’s attention, can extend beyond this timeframe.

4. Your video isn’t optimized for search

If you’re using your video online (of course you are) your video needs to be optimised for search, but it’s one step more than the traditional SEO thinking.

If you’re using the video on your website, then your video should be an asset for the SEO of your site. If you’re uploading the video to YouTube or Vimeo, then you still need to optimise your video for search, as the heart of these platforms, is a search engine.

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The video and supporting content does not just need to engage and attract the viewer, but also the algorithms behind these search engines.

5. Use and distribute your video!

I’ve seen many successful videos get left by the wayside as companies simply don’t use the video. It’s not as simple as uploading the video to YouTube and waving goodbye, the video needs to be syndicated effectively across the platform.

Your video has amazing potential to be used in your digital marketing, email signatures, your website and you can even link it to your out of home and in-store experiences.

The effective syndication of your video, especially across the first 24 hours once uploaded to a platform such as YouTube, is vital to the video’s overall success.

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